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Support Coordination

Support Connects

Journe can support you to connect with informal, community and NDIS funded supports so you can achieve your goals.

Support Coordination

Journe can support you to understand, implement and use your plan. Using a person centred approach we can work closely together to ensure that you have the correct supports in place and are getting the most out of your plan. Working collaboratively we can support you to live more independently in the community.

Special Support Coordination

Journe can support you with a higher level of complex support. We can help you navigate complex situations to ensure you have consistent delivery of services. Working from a person centred approach we can support you to reach your objectives and aspirations.

Mental Health

Mental Health Therapy

Journe can support your mental health with therapy which can be more intensive than counselling. Mental health therapy has a structured approach led by the therapist which allows you to become aware of patterns in your life. Working together we can discover strategies which will support you to achieve your goals.


Journe can support you to work through your situations including your emotions. Together we can address the situation in a positive way and develop strategies to help you cope better in the future.

Behavioural Supports

Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support

Journe can support you with intensive supports to address significant harmful or persistent behaviours of concern.

Behaviour Management Plan

Journe can support you with a Behaviour Management Plan and provide training in behaviour management strategies to carers and others.

Community Participation

Community Social and Recreational Activities

Journe can support you with to engage in community, social and recreational activities.

Innovative Community Participation 

Journe can support you to engage with mainstream providers to engage in mainstream activities.

Community Participation Activities 

Journe can support you to fund tuition fees for activities like art classes, dancing, signing or sports coaching. This limited support will allow you the opportunity to test your interest in an activity.

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